Social Media and Fitness – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Social media has become an important and time-consuming factor in the life of millions and billions of people. In order to help you to understand the importance of social media and the business potential of it, here are some of the key figures:

  • For context, as of July 2015, total worldwide population was 7.3 billion
  • The internet had 3.17 billion users
  • There were 2.3 billion active social media users
  • 91% of retail brands used 2 or more social media channels
  • Internet users had an average of 5.54 social media accounts
  • Social media users had risen by 176 million in the last year
  • 1 million new active mobile social users were added every day. That’s 12 each second
  • Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handled 60 billion messages a day

Internet and Multimedia

Today´s post is about the influence social media has on our health and fitness.

We have access to data, ideas, new exercises, and the latest workout trends with the click of a mouse. We can take advantage of new technologies and optimize our workout.

Living in a world of instants – instant messaging, instant posting and blogging, instant feedback – has affected our health, emotionally and physically.  People want their workout results and they want them now. We have superb access to data and opinion. Nevertheless, there is a lot of bad information out there, too. Websites, blogs and social media channels are accessible to everyone which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. There are many wrong statements and harmful advice online which can have an huge impact, especially when talking about fitness and health.

The Good

I like data, what’s not to like? Data is specific and measurable, and that´s what you want in order to compare and drill yourself. Social media allows us to share this data, to document, comment and review it. Apps offer you to collect and track your data without any great difficulty. The industry expects the number of health and fitness apps to rise by 400% between 2010 to 2016. Right now More than 40,000 health apps, bringing in an estimated $1.3 billion in 2012, according to a Research2Guidance report.


The Bad, The Ugly

Living in a world of instants – instant messaging, instant posting and blogging, instant feedback – has affected our health, emotionally and physically, in a bad way. The nature of wellness, health, fitness is everything but instant.

Our Facebook-“walls” – which is an ironic metaphor as a wall is a term of defense – show what we want them to show. They show the parts we want to present to others. The parts we hope to get likes for. The beautiful parts of fitness: the after-gym-selfie, the Sixpack. But fitness and health don´t work like that and it´s illusive to think it should, just because we saw it on Katy Hearn´s blog or a friend´s Instagram post. Physical and mental health are the result of a long and forever-on-going process.

Social media puts pressure on people, telling them they have to be perfect. Right now. Upload it or you aren´t.

Other dimensions

But besides the private dimension, there is the business side to the relationship of fitness and social media. Next week, we will add a post on this but for now, let us know what you think. Does social media influence your health and fitness? Do you use you phone during a gym session? Ever uploaded a picture of your body? Please let us know.






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